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Sound. Movement. Vision. Alariete blends all three to create sentiments that go beyond
“meaningful art.”!
Padraig Mahou
Who better to entertain and rise the spirit of your guests, friends, and family than our Alariete! Get ready for a mesmerizing performance by our internationally touring young celebrated performers. El Alariete has exactly what you need to make your upcoming event unforgettable. We offer you live music, dance, and theater as a menu to your wedding, social party, birthday, ritual, anniversary or any kind of celebration!
Our performers are well trained in their craft and have lots of experience in outdoor and indoor events. We are able to perform in more than three languages including English, Spanish and french! Don’t hesitate to contact us.
We can also provide professional hands-on music and yoga workshops for adults and children, site or event-specific spectacles, and more!