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FLACC supports Dance Artists of the Latina/o Diaspora who are choosing to make dances of the non-traditional, border-crossing, rule-breaking, cutting-edge, curious, experimental, abstract, sensitive, avant-garde, queer, contemporary, hybridized, neo-classical, or revolutionary varieties.  For our purposes, choreographers with “Latin American” cultural heritage or ancestry are defined by all countries that speak Spanish, Portuguese, or Indigenous languages in the Americas- from the Borderlands of the US to the tip of South America, including the Caribbean Islands.  Indigenous contemporary choreographers of North America and US-born Chicana/os and Latina/os are also included in this Festival.


La Compañía de Artes Vivas Alariete participed in the festival with the piece Metadonna In the intimate setting of the Temescal Art Center, in Oakland. We were there in the humble beginnings of the 1st Annual Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers in 2014! joining our sisters and brothers of other cultural constituencies with a California-based dance festival of our own. Thank you to all those who have paved the way!