“Having created the lesser gods, the angels and other higher beings, the Supreme Idea created human souls that eventually wanted to have human body and passionate desires and appetites, forgetting their original purpose. Therefore the purpose of mankind would be to regain his divine spirit and return to the High Idea. Metadonna born in the times of this world to free the human mind from its prison and take it to the divine origin.”
The piece is based on research on the form and structure of the soul. The play uses the relationship between sacred geometry and performing arts, questioning the capacity and limits of human consciousness. It is a piece-laboratory continues rebuilding by the nature of its subject.

Co-direction: Marlet Martinez & Victor Figueroa
Choreography: Marlet Martinez
Music: Victor Figueroa


  • Disciplina: Teatro-danza-música
  • Duración: 55 minutos
  • Tipo de público: todo tipo de público.
  • Coproducción: AlaRieTe Teatro Sustentable
  • Concepto: Creación colectiva de AlaRieTe Teatro Sustentable.
  • Video y mercadotecnia: Denisse Figueroa, Magdalena Bocanegra, Rebeca Bocanegra
  • Directores artísticos: Marlet Martinez y Víctor Figueroa
  • Elenco: Marlet Martínez y Víctor Figueroa.