MobileInTent 2014 was a creative production of Ann Schnake and other artists who push beyond the limits the conceptions about frontiers and borders. In this year the MobileIntent project was a collaboration of five artists who were traveling in caravana hitting the roads of Mexico and the United States, going to perform from place to place with wooden sculptors as props and a biomorphic tent.
The sculptures and the tent served the group to compose performances in public spaces pushing against the walls questions about the distribution of resources and the ecology of the area between the Baja and Alta California. 
The blunt wall that separates the two countries served as reason to work, from the permeable walls of a tent, on showing the fragility of the current ecological and economic situation of the world. Through discussions during the trip the five artists, Ursula Maria Berzborn, theater director of Grotest Maru and cofounder of the Kunsthaus Kule in Berlin, Robert Gomez Hernandez photographer based in California, born in Chihuahua, Victor Figueroa and Marlet Martínez performing artists from Alariete, Compañia de Artes Vivas from Guadalajara, México; the sculptural works of Ann were activated demonstrating that the walls and the limits may change due to its natural permeability. 
Sculptural and video graphic Installations, performative vignettes and collective meals were developed in a collision of theatrical performing acts; playing with spoons and legs of wood in the border by the rhythm of the accordion in an active sculptural setup with intention to alter and challenge perceptions of the bordering between Mexico and the United States. 
The group of artists from Oakland , Berlin and Guadalajara meet in a residence at the Santa Fe Art Institute from where they departed to Tijuana, carrying out a series of interventions in New Mexico, Tijuana, Los Angeles and Oakland, finally they end the tour by December 05, 2014 showing the dynamics of the interventions made from the MobileIntent to local people living in California at the Aggregated Space Gallery




Sponsors of the Project

Carlos Carrillo Torres


Marco A. Rivera


Gerardo Rivera Avalos


Carlos Galindo Torres


Rosa Isela Savedra


Fernando Mendoza Reos


Felipe Orozco Luna


Josefina Quezada Ibarra


Josefina Martinéz Orozco


Rosa Celia Mendoza


Miguel Angel Frias Perez


Miguel Taller


Juan Jesús Marin Herrera


Eduardo Sánchez C.


Salvador Aguirre Ontiveros


Leti Sánchez Guerrero


Rafael Figueroa Galindo

America Jimenez


Fernanda Martínez


Sika Bravo


Ángel Mora


Lina Liviere


J. Gpe. Galindo Torres


Fernando Martínez


Javier Gonzáles A.


Melisa L. Piña


Mario Martínez Díaz


Alan E. Oliden González


Samuel Oropeza


Georgina del Rocio C. Ruelas


Cesar D. Rosas de A.


Emilia Velazquez Sandoval


Cesar Vera Figueroa


Jessi Cortes

Josefina Orozco Torres

Rodolfo Leaño

M. de La Luz Valadez Rodriguez

Jose de Alba

Raul Huerta Heras

Antonio Garcia

Luis Arturo Sandoval B.

Quetzal Rios

Bertha Figueroa Galindo

Raymundo Jiménez Martínez

Rita Ramirez Parra

Lilia Martínez Orozco

Cristian Omar Comparán

Claudia Hernandéz

Enrique Torres Girón


Juan Carlos Vazquez Cabello

Xavier Jimenez

Tere Serrato

Fernando Romo

Miriam Pulido Alcaráz

Lic. Ugarte

Adriana Vera Figueroa

Beatriz Enriquez Esquivel


Alejandra Aguila Maldonado




Alfredo Figueroa Infante


Citlali Sarahí


Javier Arenas


Ma. De la Luz Torres Girón


Luis Enrique Torres Martínez


Monica Saavedra G.


Mireya Buenrostro


Catalina Peña


Mario V. Peña


Margarita Palazuelos


Jorge Armando Ramirez González


Valerie Blomberg


Ana Ruth Labansat


Larisa Plesca


Julian Coneway


Eva Benito Bacigalupe


Gustavo Guevara Galindo


Veronica Buenrostro


Fer Plascencia


Andres Cardenaz


Bernardo Acosta Oliver


Dorota Kubulus


Fred Arnal


Keno Hamer