AlaRieTe is a cultural and environmental association dedicated to the creation, training, production and performing arts. Our facilities are located in the town of Tapalpa, Jalisco,  México where we practice daily research in dance, music, martial arts, theater, anthropology and permaculture, to create an interdisciplinary performing language that revives the total poetics of the ancient minstrels, acrobats, and magicians of the scene. The group was founded in 2013 by Marlet Martinez and Victor Figueroa since its inception creating original pieces, among which stand are, ArreuG, Yukuita, Guardians of the Woods, Metadonna, El Viaje de Quetzalcoatl al Mictlán, among others, to date AlaRieTe has presented in dance and theater festivals their work inside and outside of Mexico, such as the Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers, (Oakland, California, 2014) Itinerant Festival of Latin American Theater, FITLA, (Lima, Peru, 2017) Festival Guadalajara Sucede  (2016) Postearte Festival (Chapala, Jalisco 2016), Fair Tapalpa Plateau Forest (2015) Strawberry Festival (2017, 2018, 2019), Creation Residence at the Itinerant Theater of the Sun, (Villa de Leyva, Colombia. 2018) Civiculture Festival, in Timisora, Romania. (2019), among others.